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About Shenshan Old Forest Company

Jiangmen Shenshan Laolin Marketing Promotion Co., Ltd. is a network marketing promotion company with comprehensive service content and mature internet marketing technology in Jiangmen City. In order to help more people be able to better develop their own businesses in the Internet era, and help enterprises enhance core competition Power to seize the high ground of the network. We have launched a series of online marketing services. At present, the business of Jiangmen Shenshan Lao Lin includes: network marketing outsourcing services, network marketing talent training, micro marketing outsourcing services, Tmall Taobao operation, marketing website construction, and micro marketing execution cases. And other services.

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Service Advantages of Shenshan Old Forest

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Shenshan Laolin Customer Testimonials

  • Centennial brands also need micromarketing!

    Centennial brands also need micromarketing! Teacher Qiu Daoyong and the micro-marketing planning team led by him have reached a strategic cooperation with us to help us achieve brand upgrades and corporate strategic transformation. The Fumao brand has a century of history. In the modern era, it also needs the support of micro-marketing. The interpretation and analysis of micro-marketing by Mr. Qiu's courses are very thorough, which has broadened my business ideas and vision.

  • Using micro marketing, the market has expanded 20 times!

    Our company is exporting. In 2013, we were thinking about transformation. It was Shenshan Old Forest Company and Teacher Qiu Daoyong who guided us. After studying the micro-marketing course, I realized that micro-marketing is imperative now. Teacher Qiu Daoyong sorted out the development direction for us and gave me a clear idea of product positioning. After studying, they also provided us with a micro-marketing landing plan. In just 2 months, the domestic market share has expanded 20 times. The sales volume in May exceeded any previous period, and sales exceeded 3 million!

  • Using micro-marketing, Shanxi Fangyuan Flower Art sold 20,000 roses a day

    I started to know about micro-marketing in the classroom of Shenshan Lao Lin in January 2014. At first, my understanding of micromarketing was that young people used to chat and post. I didn't feel it would be linked to my business at all. But after three days of study, I learned micro marketing from scratch and had a clear understanding of the concept of micro marketing. I applied for the public platform and started to try to do some marketing activities through the circle of friends and other methods.

  • Glamour Internet Marketing, Fashion Vegetables

    Vegetable Growing Bar is a balcony healthy vegetable growing brand launched by Shenzhen Vegetable Doctor Trading Co., Ltd., a new domestic vegetable growing model. In the development of balcony vegetables, roof vegetables, vegetable garden design, planting technology consultation and services, we have always maintained the leading position in the domestic industry. While the Shenshan Laolin Online Marketing Agency has been committed to using the Internet to help enterprises achieve rapid development. Due to the characteristics of online marketing and e-commerce, cooperation between the two companies is inevitable. After the contract is signed, Shenshan Old Forest will become the representative of the vegetable bar.

  • Win-win cooperation between Hong Kong Tea Company and Shenshan Lao Lin Company

    In order for the old people in the mountains to master the knowledge of online marketing courses in a timely and fast manner, the combination of theory and practice is the only way out. We have gradually transformed from the previous "school theory company internship" learning model to "school theory plus internship". Let the students of our school have a platform for timely practice while studying the theory, not only systematizing the theoretical knowledge of textbooks, but also the tuition of some students in the course of practice.